Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Costs £349 In The UK

Titanfall is one of the most highly anticipated game which is available on Xbox One and PC this year, and it’s rightly so. The game has received positive reviews, and the developers are even working efficiently to clear out bugs and issues which were present.

If you’re still thinking about getting yourself an Xbox One with Titanfall, you be glad to find out the bundle now costs £349 in the UK.

Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Costs £349 In The UK

For those of you who don’t know, this is the same price PlayStation 4 is selling for in the country, and that’s without any game. Plus, if you go through the reviews of Titanfall, you’ll find out how good the game is, and is worth every penny. In addition, a lot of popular titles are expected to make their way to the console in the coming months, so there’s always a reason to go for the Xbox One.

Those of you interested in getting the Titanfall bundle for the discounted price, take a look at Amazon and Asda to grab it.