Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Include Training Mode Fight Request and Offline YouTube Sharing

Street Fighter is one of Capcom’s most popular franchise. The developers behind the game announced another title a few months back dubbed as Ultra Street Fighter IV, which will be available as upgrade for users who purchased Street Fighter IV.

Recently, Capcom’s David Hinds announced some new features on Capcom-Unity blog, including the YouTube Upload feature for the game, which will give users the ability to share their matches with users across the globe, no matter if they were played online or offline.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Include Training Mode Fight Request and Offline YouTube Sharing

Additionally, it will also come with a Training Mode Fight Request feature, which lets users practice in training mode while they are waiting for online challengers. “ First up is the Training Mode Fight Request feature. This allows you to practice in Training Mode whilst you wait for new challengers online. No more sitting in lobbies, or completing Arcade Mode over and over, stay warmed up and practice combos in between online matches,” said Capcom’s David Hinds

It was previously announced that users will be able to view the videos of their battles, and with offline battle log enabled, all offline matches played with be automatically saved, giving users the ability to check them out.

He further said, “ Secondly, have you ever been playing offline with your friends and wished you were able to go back and watch a replay of a particular match? Well now you can, with the Offline Battle Log! Once enabled, your offline matches will be automatically archived, and you can replay them back like you would with your favourite online matches. Combined with our previously announced ‘Upload to YouTube’ feature, you’ll be able to share your most exciting and proud moments with viewers all around the world, whether the match happened online, or offline!”

The digital upgrade version of the game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 will launch in June for  $14.99/€14.99, while the PC launch is set for August and comes with a similar price tag. Users can also purchase the full retail copy for $39.99/€39.99 on consoles, and $29.99/€29.99 for PCs.