Sony E3 2014 details leak

Sony E3 2014 details leak

What does Sony have in store for us at this year’s E3? Some details have leaked about the conferences from Sony, thanks to the folks at DualShockers. There are game details and also a claim that price drops for the PlayStation 3 and Vita will be revealed at the event.

The timing does seem right for a PS3 price drop, since the PS4 is out and in many homes. The details come from an unnamed source and a secondary source was contacted and confirmed some of those leaked details. Take it with a grain of salt just the same. You know how it goes.

It looks like Sony will show off a 3-minute trailer for Uncharted on the PS4, showing “in-engine footage” and gameplay. That should get the crowd pumped. The release for the game is said to be Summer 2015. Also arriving in 2015 will be a new title from Media Molecule.

Other news is that Sony Japan Studios will debut Project Beast, which is described as a Demon Souls “spiritual successor”. We can also look forward to The Last Guardian for PS4, and a third title that is being kept secret for now. I wonder what that one is.