Republique Episode 2 “Metamorphosis” Game Now Available For iOS Devices (video)

Fans of the original Republique game Will be pleased to know that Republique Episode 2 “Metamorphosis” is now available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store, and is available in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

Episode 2 Metamorphosis, The second episode of dystopian action-adventure game République, and a launch trailer is available to view after the jump providing you with a glimpse of the storyline and the gameplay you can expect to enjoy.

Republique Episode 2 “Metamorphosis” Game Now Available For iOS Devices (video)

“Republique Episode 2: Metamorphosis explores the origins of intellectual fascism through the player’s continuing efforts to help a young woman named Hope escape an Orwellian prison. Amid growing intrigue and ever-more-dire consequences, she seeks out the librarian, Señor Luis Octavo (voiced by Marcelo Tubert), a sympathetic mentor whose concern for Hope makes him a target of The Overseer’s wrath.

This second instalment is both action-oriented and contemplative as the veil over Hope’s eyes is lifted. With the player’s help, she gains a better understanding of her captors and the desperate measures necessary if she is to free herself.”

Republique Episode 2 “Metamorphosis” is available to purchase for $4.99, £2.99, €4.49, AU$5.49.