Microsoft Working On New Android Smartphones

Microsoft Working On New Android Smartphones

When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile division, it also acquired Nokia’s new Android devices like the Nokia X and the Nokia XL, although as Microsoft’s main focus is on Windows Phone, we expected these to be the last Android devices from the now Microsoft owned Nokia mobile division.

Now according to a recent report, this is not the case, and the new Microsoft Devices division will continue to develop Android smartphones alongside their Windows Phone devices.

The news come from a report by the BGR, who have learned that Microsoft is currently working on a new range of Android devices, and these handsets will replace the Nokia XL and Nokia XL.

It is not clear as yet on why Microsoft has decided to continue to develop Android devices alongside its Windows Phone devices, as the company’s main focus is to get people to adopt Windows Phone.

As soon as we get some more information on these new Microsoft Android smartphones, we will let you guys know.