Google’s Project Ara To Feature Sennheiser Audio

Google’s Project Ara To Feature Sennheiser Audio

Sennheiser has announced that they are working with Phonebloks on Google’s Project Ara, and it looks like we can expect to see sound modules from Sennheiser in future Project Ara devices.

Google are scheduled to launch Project Ara in January of next year, and we recently heard that conductive ink would be used for component printing.

Sennheiser will be supporting this innovative project from 1 May 2014 by contributing its own audio expertise. Sennheiser’s audio technology know-how will be called upon where matters of speech and audio transmission are concerned.

“Sennheiser has the necessary technical excellence and also shares a corporate philosophy that places equal emphasis on sustainability. Its products are distinguished by first-class quality, durability and they also provide options for replacing individual components. This sustainability ethos is an essential part of our company vision,” says Dave Hakkens.

Project Ara is designed to produce a smartphone that will come with a range if interchangeable parts, allowing users to add parts relevant to their needs.

Google’s Project Ara To Feature Sennheiser Audio

The device is also designed to be upgradeable, rather than buying a new smartphone, you would be able to change the processor unit, change the RAM unit to add in more memory and so on.