EU Court Says Google Must Delete Personal Information

EU Court Says Google Must Delete Personal Information

A European court has ruled that Google must delete peoples personal information from their search results if the person asks that the information is removed.

The ruling comes from the European Union Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and the ruling came after a Spanish man complained to a data protection agency about search results relating to him appearing in Google.

The results showed an auction listing for the mans home which was repossessed, it also had information relating to him on the listing, and he wanted it removed from Google.

Google refused to remove the information from its search results, so the man decided to take his case to the European court, the court ruled that Google should remove this information.

“An Internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal data which appear on web pages published by third parties,”

This new ruling could change the way Google responds to request for data removal in Europe, there are apparently 180 similar cases in Spain against Google relating to the removal of data from their search results.