Apple iWatch Team Gets A New Fitness Wearables Expert

Apple iWatch Team Gets A New Fitness Wearables Expert

Apple has apparently hired a new fitness wearables expert to work with the team that is developing the Apple iWatch. Apple has hired Alex Hsieh, who previously worked at Atlas Wearables, and he is now listed as a firmware developer at Apple.

There are no details on exactly what Ales Hsieh is working on at Apple, but considering his past experience, we suspect he may have joined the Apple iWatch team.

The last thing we hear about the new Apple iWatch is that there could possibly be two version of the device, a sports model which is said to feature a rectangular display and designer version of the device that will feature a round display.

Health and fitness tracking are said to feature heavily in the new iWatch, and also in iOS 8 and the new Apple iPhone 6. We have also heard rumors that the iWatch may come with the same functions as the iPod.

Previous rumors have suggested that the iWatch could come with 8GB of built in storage, and it would have the same functions as the iPod, this would allow people to use the device for sports and fitness to listen to music the same way they would their iPod.

We are expecting the new Apple iWatch to launch in September, along with the new iPhone 6, as soon as we get some more details, and some actual pictures of the new iWatch, we will let you guys know.