Apple Working On Other HomeKit Devices As Well As Apple TV

Apple Working On Other HomeKit Devices As Well As Apple TV

We recently heard a rumor that the next Apple TV could be used as a HomeKit Hub for controlling a range of home automation devices around your home.

This would be the prefect device to control various things around your home, and now according to a recent report, Apple may also be building some hardware to work with their HomKit Hub.

Google’s Nest recently announced a new developer program, this will see the Nest Thermostat act as a sort of hub for connected devices around your home.

Apple is rumored to be building various devices to work with their new HomeKit platform, and these could come in the form of speaker systems, and also various control panels for your home.

Both Apple and Google are going to start competing in some major new areas, both have in car projects and also there are their new home projects.

We are looking forward to seeing exactly what Apple has planned for home automation in the future, and we could possibly see a new Apple TV device which will act as a HomeKit Hub later in the year.

Apple are expected to make a number of changes to their Apple TV device, which is said to include apps and games, and we suspect we will see the device when iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 launch in September.