Apple Beats Deal May Get EU Regulators Approval By Monday

Apple Beats Deal May Get EU Regulators Approval By Monday

Apple recently announced that they were purchasing Beats Audio in a deal which is worth $3 billion to the founders of beats, this is of course subject to the Apple Beats deal being approved by the various regulators.

According to a recent report, the European Regulators will announce their ruling on the Apple Beats deal by next Monday the 30th of June.

As yet there are no details on what way the EU regulators will rule on the Apple Beats deal, they can either approve it or vote against it, or request for further investigation, although there is nothing at the moment to suggest that the deal will not be approved.

One of the reasons that Apple purchased Beats Audio was for their Beats Music streaming platform, Apple is expected to use this to compete with other streaming platforms and to also boost iTunes sales.

The other reason was the Beats headphones, which have become incredibly popular, and are seen as a fashionable product, the companies co-founders Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine have both joined Apple.

The deal between Beats Audio and Apple will also need to be approved by various other regulators before it is finalized, although it is expected to go through without any issues, as soon as we get some more details, we will let you guys know.