Android KitKat Running on 8.5 Percent Devices

It’s the time of the month again, Google has released the Android distribution numbers for April, and it shows a decent picture of how many devices are running the latest operating system from Google.

According to the latest figures, Android KitKat is running on 8.5 percent of the total devices, rising from 5.3 percent last month. This is a decent figure, but it could be mainly due to the fact that Samsung and HTC released their latest flagship devices running on the latest OS.

Android KitKat Running on 8.5 Percent Devices

Android Jelly Bean is still running on a majority of devices, 60.8 percent to be exact. Although the numbers have fallen slightly compared to last month. Another interesting thing to note here is the number of devices running on Gingerbread, it’s still more than the devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It’s still good to see KitKat rising up in numbers, Samsung has released the update for Note 2 and Galaxy SIII, but I think it’s mainly due to the new devices.

Google’s annual I/O conference will take place in June, where the search engine giant may showcase the newer version of Android, however, rumors suggest otherwise. Rumors suggest Google will unveil the next version of Android in July, along with a new 8-inch Nexus tablet.